About the typefaces

Ladies and gentlemen, Leciel will now explain the five typefaces in 書道(Shodo-Calligraphy), Bow-Wow!
Kanji are indispensable for 書(Shodo-works), Bow-Wow!
If the writer is an artist, Kanji is just what is expressed.
The Kanji used in the expression includes the thoughts of people who lived in each period, the history, culture and trends of each era.
Over the past 3,300 years or so, it has been transformed into the forms of Kanji that is used today.
These Kanji are roughly classified into 5 shapes(typefaces).
I've put the first guest 人"Person" in a table, so I want everyone to see it, Ruff-Ruff!
甲骨文字"Oracle Bone Script", 金文"Bronze Script", and 小篆"Shoten" introduced by 人"Person" are all 篆書"Tensho".


篆書(Tensho) 隷書(Reisho) 草書(Sosho) 行書(Gyosho) 楷書(Kaisho)
甲骨文字(Oracle Bone Script) 金文(Bronz Script) 小篆(Shoten)