Toshu's Kanji House 15th

Today's guest is 天”Empyrean"👏

How do you do? My name is天”Empyrean".
I was called as a guest at the time of 大"Big" last time, but the god of kanji told me to wait until this time....
I apologize for not contacting you properly.

I see.
When I heard "I want to send out special guests from the world of kanji to celebrate the enthronement of the Emperor." from the god of kanji, I thought it might be 天"Empyrean".
It is a sophisticated plan of the god of kanji. (* ^ - ^ *)

I am very honored to be a special guest.

Please introduce yourself.

I, 天"Empyrean" was born in the Chinese characters of the Shang(Yin) Era.
I'm about 3,300 years old.
I was born a little later than 人"Person" and 大"Big".
First, please look at my shape in Oracle Bone Script.


甲骨文字(Oracle Bone Script)


There is a square thing on top of 大"Big", isn't there?

In case of Bronze Script and Shoten, it looks like these.


金文(Bronze Script)




This time, there are a round thing and horizontal line on top of大"Big". (^^♪

Please look at Reisho, Gyosho, and Kaisho.










When it comes to reisho, it's close to the current天"Empyrean"!!

My figure shows the shape of a big person's head on大"Big".
Because the head is at the top of the person, it became the meaning of the empyrean.

So 人"Person" gave birth to 大"Big" and大"Big" gave birth to天"Empyrean"!
人"Person" is really great!!

There are still many kanji characters born from 人"Person". (^ _ ^)
Please look at Sosho.
Don't you think it's going to the heaven?




Oh, that's right.
I think it will be a wonderful work if I write characters while imagining many things!!

I became Hiragana and Katakana. (* ^ ^) v






Oh, 天"Empyrean", you are amazing as I thought! (* ^ _ ^ *)

I'd like to talk a little more about me, 天"Empyrean".
In ancient China, the people in Shang (Yin) believed that天"Empyrean" was a sacred place where gods lived.
Therefore, the city of Shang was called天邑商"Tenyusho", which means the holy city of Shang.

The name of the city is very nice.
I'm excited to think that many kanji characters were created from it.

By the way, Toshu-san, how many words can you say about天"Empyrean"?

天皇(emperor), 天下(world), 天子(son of God), 天使(angel), 天然(native), 天性(nature), 天変(natural phenomenon), 天気(weather), 雨天(rainy weather), 天才(genius), 先天(inborn), 後天(acquired), 天寿(natural death), 天意(heaven's will), 天界(heaven), 天の川(Milky Way), 天下泰平(calm world), 天長地久(continue forever), お天道様(sun)・・・。
There are so many...

That's right. There are many others.
Toshu-san, do you know the word 天命"divine will"?

If I remember correctly, it is like a command given from heaven to human, isn't it?
It is like the fate that cannot be changed.

That's right.
Actually, 天命"divine will" was born in the Zhou Dynasty.

It is not Shang (Yin) Dynasty.

In the Zhou period, Zhou overthrew the Shang (Yin) dynasty, took the birth of the Zhou dynasty as a 天命"divine will", and governed the country based on 天命思想"heavenly thought" which believed everything was determined by天命"divine will".
After the Zhou Dynasty, the idea of governing a country by divine order became common in China, and those who ruled a country by divine order came to be called天子(son of heaven).
Also, from the idea that everything is decided by 天命"divine will", the word天"Empyrean" came to mean everything beyond human power and came to be used to mean 'nature' and 'by nature'.

That's why there are so many words using天"Empyrean".
I studied a lot from your information.

Yes, it has a broad meaning.

The battle between Yin (Shang) and Zhou is also mentioned in the 13th Letter from 身"Body", so if you forget, read it again, Bow-Wow!

Koshi"Confucius" (a thinker, an educator, and a politician of 552 BC to 479 BC at the end of the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period) famously says, " I understood my divine will at 50."
I read it as one of the Rongo (A book of dialogues between Koshi and his disciples).

Well, Koshi"Confucius", the founder of Confucianism, placed great value on the Zhou Dynasty, so天命思想"heavenly thought" is an important concept in Confucianism.

Another one with 天命"divine will" is 人事を尽くして天命を待つ"Do your best and let the divine will do the rest".

The words of人事を尽くして天命を待つ"Do your best and let the divine will do the rest" comes from Hu In (Koin, 1156 to 1098), a Chinese Confucian scholar in the early Southern Sung Dynasty.
It means "When you have done all you can, let's leave the rest to Heaven and wait.".

This is also the good words.
I also wrote "divine will" in Reisho.


Ding Dong♪♪


Who is it?
Can you take a look, Leciel?



I'm gonna go check it out, Bow-Wow!!


Continuing for the next time...


天"Empyrean"'s profile is here!
See you all, Ruff-Ruff!

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