Toshu's Kanji House 16th

Leciel, can you pick him up?

I'm gonna get him, Bow-Wow!!


{Leciel came back with glittering ""}


Toshu-sensei, I brought him ""!!
But I am dazzled by him, Bow-Wow. ☀

Leciel, thank you for picking him up.

Leciel, thank you~(^^♪
You are a pretty dog~♡

I'm shy, Ruff-Ruff. (〃▽〃)blush

How do you do, Toshu-san?
I am 皇"Emperor".
This time, I was sent as a special guest by the god of kanji(* ^ ^)v

Nice to meet you, I am Toshu.
I am very happy to meet you.
Even so, you are very bright (* ^ _ ^ *)
I remembered the 8th guest 楽“Fun” (* ^^) v

Hello, 皇"Emperor".
You are bright as usual.

I can't do anything with this brightness.
I am bright when I sleep or wake up, so I decided to follow the example of楽“Fun” and make myself keep bright and fun.

I think that's a very good idea.
It's perfect for you, 皇"Emperor".
By the way, I've just finished talking with you, so皇"Emperor", could you introduce yourself?

It was a good timing, wasn't it? (^^♪
By the way, why are you looking down, Leciel?

Because I'm dazzled, Ruff-Ruff (*_*;

Leciel, try this.


I'm not dazzled anymore, Bow-Wow!

Leciel, it looks good on you~.
You are really cute (^_-)-☆

Thank you, Bow-Wow!!

We are sorry to interrupt you.
Then, please introduce yourself.

Roger that!
I, 皇"Emperor" was born in the Western Zhou Era [1,100 BC to 771 BC] as Bronze Script inscribed bronze ware.
So I'm about 2,800 years old.

You were born in the Zhou Era.
By the way, why were you born in this shape?

First of all, please look at the Bronze Script.


金文(Bronze Script)


What do you think is the lower part of 皇"Emperor"?

It looks like 土"Soil".

No, it isn't~.
Let me show you the Shoten.




Perhaps, is it 王"King"?

A 'Masakari(Japanese big ax)' takes the shape of the head of a large ax used as a symbol of the king.
And the shape with its sharp edge down expresses 王"King".












I heard about the formation of the king in the 11th, of which 男"Man", 父"Father", and 子"Child".
I vividly remember feeling the times as the ax is the symbol of the king.
By the way, what is the shining thing on the king?
It's very bright!

Yes, that's the cause of the glare, Bow-Wow!

This is 玉(gyoku)"Treasure's stone"!
In China, beautiful stones are collectively called玉(gyoku) "Treasure's stone".

It's not calledたま(Tama), isn't it?

And the most wonderful 玉(gyoku) "Treasure's stone" is this 翡翠(Hisui)"Jade".
Beautiful jade gives off a divine light in the dark!

皇"Emperor"'s 玉(gyoku) is翡翠(Hisui)"Jade"
How wonderful!

When a treasure's stone was decorated on the part where a helve of an ax was worn, the light of the ball radiated above and the kanji characters of皇"Emperor" were created from it.

皇"Emperor" came to mean "glare" from its shining appearance.

Also, since the head of a shining axe was a symbol of the throne, 皇"Emperor" came to be used to mean 王"King", 君主"Crown", and 天子"Son of God"
About 2,200 years ago, Zheng(政), the first Qin king who unified mainland China, created the title of "Emperor" instead of "King" and called himself The first emperor Shi Huang(始皇帝).
始 means "First" but the title "Emperor" will be used in China for 2000 years after the first emperor.

I have heard that the word三皇五帝"Three Kings and Five Crowns" is derived from "Emperor".
It is said that Shi Huang created the word三皇五帝"Three Kings and Five Crowns" to show that he is more noble than the 8 Kings of ancient Chinese legend called "Emperor", isn't he?

You know a lot, Toshu-san!

Speaking of Shi Huang, he was in the movie "Kingdom" that 包"Pack", who appeared in the 3rd, went to see.

Actually, I went to see it as recommended by包"Pack".
"Kingdom" was Good ~ (^ _ -) - ☆

How did you watch it even though the movie theater is completely dark?

People around you must be dazzling, Bow-Wow.

"(-""-)"Well, that's up to you to imagine.
By the way, do you like stars, Toshu-san?

Yes, I do.
When winter comes, I will look for Orion first. ☆

By the way, you can see Orion in the morning even in summer.

Is that so!?
I thought it was only in winter. "(-" "-)"

People in ancient China used to see the stars.
Toshu-san, where do you think the center of the starry sky is?

I remember learning science in elementary school...
I think...Polaris?

That's right.
People in ancient China also deified and worshipped Polaris, the center of the starry sky, as北辰(Hokushin).
Polaris came to be called "Great Emperor" and is considered one of the strong candidates for the origin of the title "Emperor" in Japan.

I didn't know that.
I studied a lot.

皇"Emperor", thank you for finishing your story properly.
By the way, did you see即位礼正殿の儀"The core enthronement ceremony of Japanese Emperor"?

Yes, I was watching it on TV.
It felt it was very mysterious in a solemn atmosphere.
I was very moved by the Emperor's words.

We were also relieved that即位礼正殿の儀"The core enthronement ceremony of Japanese Emperor" ended safely.

Come to think of it, just before the ceremony, the rain stopped and I saw a fine rainbow just before the ceremony.
Could it be天"Empyrean"'s arrangement?

I'll leave that to your imagination! (^ ^)!
Then, I would like to introduce the next guest.
It is a message from God of kanji, and this is the next guest.

Well, do you know who it is?

After 天"Empyrean" and皇"Emperor", the special Kanji would be, well, THAT Kanji?
天"Empyrean" and皇"Emperor", thank you very much for today.
Please say hello to God of kanji.

Well, we are leaving now.

Good bye, everyone!

皇"Emperor"'s profile is here, Bow-Wow!!


Lastly, there is something I would like to add about皇"Emperor".
Toshu sensei said that has the meaning of "glare" but there is no way to read "KAGAYA (KU)" in modern day皇"Emperor".
The word皇"Emperor" originally had the meaning of "glare" but since it came to be used to refer to kings, sons of God, crowns, and emperors, another kanji character was created to have the meaning of 煌"Glare", Bow-Wow!
There is one more thing I want to add to you, Ruff-Ruff.
I read天皇"Emperor" as "tennou" but there is no on-yomi(Chinese reading of a character ) of "nou" although there are on-yomi(Chinese reading of a character) of "kou" and "ou" in 皇"Emperor".
This way of reading is called renjyo(Synopsis) and when 2 kanji characters follow, the sound of the following kanji may change.
For example, there is renjyo(Synopsis) like this one.
天皇"Emperor" Ten + Ou→ Tennou
観音" Deity of Mercy" Kan + On → Kannon
輪廻"Reincarnation" Rin + E→ Rinne
因縁"Fate" In + En → Innen
銀杏"gingko nut" Gin + An → Ginnan
There are many other things like that, Bow-Wow!


Well, everyone, next time, Ruff-Ruff!

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